Trisha Gallup | Adult & Pediatric Dental Care

Trisha Gallup

Dental Assistant

Trisha has been a Certified Dental Assistant for 6 years. She received her certification from the Concord Career Institute. She was a graduate from Pansophia Academy in 2013. Coldwater is home for her and her family.

As a little girl, Trisha was a patient at Adult and Pediatric Dental Care. Dr. Matt inspired her to go into dentistry when she was getting work done on her front teeth and she witnessed Dr. Matt and his assistant working professionally and well together. That spark carried her into a full interest in the field of dentistry and an excitement to learn the skills needed to assist a dentist in any procedure.

Trisha and her fiancé have 2 beautiful children, a 5-year-old girl, and a 1-year-old boy. They spend most of their spare time playing and picking up toys. They are both extremely fulfilled parents who cannot wait to see what the future will bring. As busy parents spare time is rare, but when they do get to unwind, they enjoy boating, reading, beaches, and being outside enjoying the seasons.